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Club Chetzeron-Recently named top 10 mountain restaurants in Europe by the Daily Mail

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Conceptual design: hotel/restaurant
Corporate identity: logo/letterhead/business cards
Website: holding page
Advice: material and product

Instruction: Transformation of the higher station of the telecabine and the restaurant of Chetzeron for the mountain hotel-restaurant for Err-Chetzeron SA – information on the project/preliminary draft financial study/conclusions

General context
Existing volumes of the old station of the telecabine carrier and the restaurant of Chetzeron offer a real potential of development compared to the new program under consideration to this.

To exploit the maximum potential of the existing building, while maintaining space and quality, which make the heart of the place. The restaurant is to be transformed with an aim for distinct environments: a bar on the rear part (north) and a restaurant space developed on the part in front (south). New service spaces will ideally serve the two zones of redevelopment.

Positioned in the centre of the volume, they are linked with a counter also acting as bar area. The position of the new entrance of the restaurant is moved to the side (east) and clarifies the internal restaurant levels. Central space / bar / hall articulates the entry, bar restaurant, while preserving the intimacy and function of each zone. Spaces suggested are 100% exploitable.

Each space is identified with its own relationship towards the outside. The project proposes a gradation of the intensity, from the natural light energy of the cosy environment of the bar with its small windows, while the sunnier side of the restaurant, presenting large  picture windows open to the landscape. The whole of the transition between spaces makes it possible to create a draw towards the light and the marvellous panorama, then the transition towards outside; a spacious terrace makes it possible to discover and benefit from the tableau of the valley of the Rhone.

Public spaces naturally find their focus in the large principal foyer. The garage for the cabins, the workshop and the higher floors of the restaurant accommodate the spaces dedicated to the bedrooms.

The principal entrance of the hotel is common to that of the restaurant. It is in a subspace of the hall created in its northern part. This entrance area and reception also contain vertical circulation, serving the various levels of the hotel. The foyer is thus left clear from all construction and its impressive volume is maintained. Its central part accommodates the lobby of the hotel with large armchairs and spaces for relaxation. In its southern part, downwards, spreads the VIP space of ‘Club Chetzeron’ with private access to an external terrace through a large glazed bay, revealing the landscape to the surprised guest.

The volume of the garage with cabins and the workshop makes it possible to build three levels where they are organised for bedrooms. They are angled towards the rising sun and the sight of the Haute-Valais. The room located at the south of the volume profits in addition from a glimpse of the valley of the Rhone. In this volume a secondary entrance makes it possible for the resident skiers to reach the ski racks and the circulation space of the rooms directly.

On the floor above the restaurant, four suites are envisaged, with views of the valley of the Rhone and the alpine range to the south and west. They are connected to the lobby by a mezzanine crossing the hall.

Construction materials
Existing volumes are faced with natural stone, so as to make the ensemble monolithic. All the windows are made of concrete elements framing the landscape and reinforcing the quiet spirit of the place. The great depth of the frames makes it possible to position them for ideal solar protection in the embrasures while leaving the frontage free of added elements.

The foyer will keep the spirit of a purified and clear industrial volume. The existing openings will be maintained. The large bay to the south will make it possible to enjoy the splendid landscape, while the high windows of the west will bring beams of light from the setting sun.

The rooms will be treated so as to form soft spaces, in the form of cocoons where the customers will find the rest and the peace beneficial to their stay at altitude.

The bar made of wood, with a wink to the many alpine huts, would suggest the smell of the larch while the space of the more sober restaurant would identify with the panorama. Floor covering establishes the link between two spaces and is composed of stone coming from its origin located in the Alps Valaisannes, the inside to match the panorama.


2 garages for the machines/ratrack/jeep
Ski and Bike-Room
Toilets for men and women
Entrance for skiers
6 bedrooms of 18m2
Professional kitchen
Garage/plant room
Drinking Water tank (not drawn on the plans)

Ground floor
7 bedrooms of 18m2
VIP club
Private external terrace for 20 seats
Medical men and women Children’s play space Bistro 20 seats
Bar/Finishing Kitchen
Restaurant 60 seats
Public  external terrace 80 seats

Upper floor
Access and circulation on mezzanine
7 rooms of18m2
4 suites of 30m2
Private south terrace

Final Note

The project shows the strong potential of transformation of the restaurant and the higher station of Chetzeron, by accommodating there a new restaurant and a hotel of 24 rooms. The approach of the project, which consists of inserting the new developments into the existing volume, corresponds to the philosophy of an intervention in such a place. The transformation envisaged will allow an optimal use of the new working method of the operators. This major transformation is necessary to cleanse the site in order to ensure its operation for the long term.

Develop a logo, brand, business cards, letterhead, website

Chetzeron will not be just another hotel. It will be an exclusive hotel with unprecedented accommodation. Unique and ecological alpine living will be unsurpassable. With a restaurant and view you will find difficult to marry else where, using the freshest seasonal ingredients locally sourced. Numerous activities will also be available just for our guests, night and day.

Chetzeron will have the highest standard of food, style, comfort and service, offering an unforgettable mountain experience, simply unique and exclusive to the guest.

‘The guests will leave with their conscience as clear as the driven snow outside the door.’

Chetzeron will be built using strict ethical principles in the interest of protecting our environment.