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We aim to refurbish and build all of our properties to the minimum standard of Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3. This exceeds the standard that the government is targeting. It represents a 54% reduction in CO2 compared to current regulations and a 60% reduction in water usage in a typical home.

We have been in the low carbon properties market now for some time and we fully understand the physics of sustainable development. We have considerable experience of incorporating renewable technologies into our properties.

We supply and instal renewable technologies throughout the United Kingdom. These technologies include solar water heating, solar photovoltaics, rainwater harvesting, biomass boilers, heat recovery ventilation, and heat pumps.

Our in-house consultancy, advise developers and home owners on how to make their homes more sustainable. We have our own Code for Sustainable Homes and a BREEAM assessor with qualifications such as MSc Arch AEES (distinction)

Specialising in:
Thermal Performance
Energy Modelling
Passivhaus and low carbon design
Life Cycle Assessment
Renewable Energy feasibility

Our reputation has spread further than the UK - we work with commercial clients and home owners in Europe, and Internationally.

Listed Zero




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